Photo credit: Kent Lins
  • Immediately end enforcement of all laws related to prostitution (consensual adult sex work);
  • The immediate resignation or removal of DA Stephen Zappala from the district attorney’s office, for his unethical and punitive ban of plea deals from Attorney Milton Raiford or Raiford’s clients;
  • Refuse to prosecute all cases related to solicitation and prosecution should law enforcement refuse to cease arrests;
  • Release all inmates who were charged with prostitution, unlicensed massage, assisting/promoting prostitution, and other charges related to sex work and expunge the records of those convicted of such crimes;
  • Withdraw and drop all pending charges for sex work-related crimes, including recalling all pending warrants that have not yet been served/executed;
  • Defund police efforts to track, surveil, and arrest sex workers, pledging these funds to non-carceral, non-coercive services such as housing, healthcare, education, and job training. Research has clearly shown that access to resources reduces vulnerability to trafficking and other forms of violence whereas prosecution that happens after the fact does no such thing.



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SWOP Pittsburgh

SWOP Pittsburgh

SWOP Pgh is a chapter of the national grassroots social justice network. We're dedicated to promoting & furthering the fundamental human rights of sex workers.